Secure payment

Pagina web certificada guarantees total security when buying on your website.

All information transmitted to is encrypted through the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system, which is currently the standard used by the most important companies in the world to perform secure electronic transactions, which means that all your personal information , Such as name, email, address, and credit card number, may not be read or captured by third parties while traveling on the network.

How to know that a purchase is safe?

In practice, you can recognize that the transaction you are performing is protected by a secure server when a key or a closed padlock appears on the left side (if you use Netscape), or a closed padlock on the right side ( If you use Internet Explorer).

In addition, it is always good to corroborate if the site is present with the security certificate that has been granted to the company in question. In the case of, the certificate

Commitment to Security

In relation to our website (, Supermercado Saludable S.A. Makes this declaration of security and privacy in order to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to a business practice of high ethical level and endowed with the appropriate internal controls.

Required user information

The "Register" form of our website, asks users for information such as their name, e-mail address, physical address and telephone number. This information is used to corroborate customer data, to answer queries and doubts about our products and services, to dispatch orders or to pay bills. It is also used to maintain contact with our customers. Under no circumstances is this information shared.

Data Protection

Our site is protected with a wide variety of security measures, such as change control procedures, passwords and physical access controls. We also use other mechanisms to ensure that the data you provide is not lost, misused, or improperly modified. These controls include confidentiality policies and periodic database backup.

Supermercado Saludable S.A. We guarantee that all your purchases on our website are 100% protected.